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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Rick Pickren's New Release, The Good Gone Days is now available for download @ 
iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and at all other digital distributors. 


 The superb balladeer Rick Pickren arrives with a new one filled with his gently different
 views of the terrain. Often he is nicely poetic in his approach, with the true meanings
 being cloaked in other imagery, making him all the more interesting as an artist!
 Pickren’s musical support this time is twelve strong. The two songs from other writers he
 chose to cover typify his vision. He does the song its writers won’t (Tyson & Russell’s
 “Claude Dallas”) and the Western song The Byrds wrote (”Chestnut Mare”).  

 His originals show diverse sources of musical inspiration, including “Shake The Chill” with 
 its progressive pop feel for the land rush ending in a haunting Indian drumming (read
 between those lines)!  Or an ironically cheery Civil War piece saying “Better Days Are
 Comin’” for the South and we know the outcome.   
 Or a nod to “Black Bart,” the gentlest road agent.