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The State Songs Volume Two

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   If you have ever been curious about America's often-tucked-away State Songs, this CD is certainly the means through which they can be not only tolerable for you but downright enjoyable!  Pickren treats  each with earnest conviction and feeling, and in the arrangements he has some fun.

For my own state of New Mexico, the 1912 song "O Fair New Mexico" was written by Elizabeth Garrett, the heralded "Songbird Of The Southwest" and daughter of Sheriff Pat Garrett. I'm a New Mexico native and I've only heard the stodgy thing perhaps twice before. Rick Pickren's take on it converts it to a subtle, sultry cha-cha!!  I love it!

My one regret is that the songs don't come with notes as to their origins. Wait a minute!  Considering politics...maybe those sleeping dogs should lie...

  "Incredible...you did a fantastic job. I truly enjoyed listening to your CD."
Governor Bill Richardson, New Mexico

  "Even when the songs themselves are institutionally mediocre, 
  Pickren's folk/bluegrass-tinged interpretations enliven them. Entertaining." 
Tom Bingham, General Eclectic, WCVF-FM


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