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The State Songs Volume One

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"Thank you for the gift of your wonderful CD. 
I particularly enjoyed "Michigan, My Michigan". 
I am adding The State Songs Volume One to my personal lending library at the office."
  Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor of Michigan

"I really like the music of this CD. I am a fourth grade teacher and 
I play the CD as we learn about the regions of the United States. 
The students like to guess which state the music comes from." 
         Barbara Murphy   

"Pickren has breathed not only creativity, 
but real life and affection into even the most leaden relics!" 
Rick Huff,  The Western Way, Best Of The West reviews      

"Love this new CD, as usual Outstanding!!   
“My Old Kentucy Home" I love it as this is my birth state it is the first song 
I ever learned and sang every day of my school years, until we moved to Colorado. 
Keep up the great work Rick!"
Barbara Richhart, Western Belle of WSJD

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